Question: Do your pupils in your eyes go bigger when you get scared? If so why?

  1. yes, your pupils get bigger to let more light into your eye so your brain can process information quicker


  2. This is because of the ‘flight or fight response’. Adrenaline makes your heart race faster to get oxygen to your muscles and your brain gets hyperalert. Your pupils dilate to optimise the amount of light at the back of the eye so that you know what’s going on around you.


  3. Yes they do.

    They also get bigger when you’re excited about something. It’s all part of the body’s way of getting ready to deal with trouble.

    It’s called the “fight or flight response”. Which means your body is getting ready to run from danger or tackle it head on.

    So if you’re frightened or excited your pupils get bigger. You breathe faster. Less blood goes to your stomach and more to your muscles. And you don’t feel much pain.